Where others have their branches, we have our roots.
We have our roots.

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P O Box 481119, Linden, AL 36748
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Our Bank's History

The First Bank of Linden opened for business on May 7, 1904 as the First National Bank of Linden. The President was Mr. C.H. Miller, grandfather of Mr. Charles A. Miller, Jr. and Mr. Thomas H. Miller. Mr. Charles A. Miller, Jr. served the bank as Chairman of the Board from 1975 until 2001. Mr. Thomas H. Miller served as a Director from 1978 to 1996.

Mr. W.E. Rhodes assumed the role of President in 1917. Then in 1925, Mr. H.E. Scott joined the bank as President and Chairman of the Board. Due to the death of Mr. Scott in 1957, Mr. C.G. Jeffrey was named President. Mr. William W. Scott joined the bank in 1948 and was later named President. He continued his service in the banking community for 60 years.

The bank converted from its original national charter to being a state charted bank in 1939. At that time, Mrs. Louise R. Scott, wife of Mr. H.E. Scott, became the first female bank director in Marengo County. Mrs. Scott was succeeded in the role of director by her granddaughter, Mrs. Ann Scott Yelverton, in 1989. Mrs. Ann Scott Yelverton was named Chairman of the Board in 2002, and President and CEO in 2007.

The bank relocated from its original building in Old Town to Main Street in 1927. In later years, construction and operation of pulp and paper mills had a profound effect on Linden and Marengo County. With the subsequent growth in population, payrolls, and need for expanded services, the bank constructed a new building on East Coats Avenue across from the Marengo County Court House in 1965. This new facility proudly offered the first drive through window at a bank in Marengo County.

In 1990, renovations to the building allowed the bank to offer expanded customer services. The bank has continued to move forward in the banking industry with the addition of ATMs as well as online and mobile banking conveniences.

The directors, officers, and employees of the First Bank of Linden look forward to the future with the goal of providing professional, personal, and friendly service to our customers just as we have for over 100 years.