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Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Banking

What is Online Banking?
Online Banking is a free service for customers of First Bank of Linden. It provides the convenience of viewing your bank accounts or paying bills from any computer with internet access 7 days a week 24 hours a day. You can get up to the minute information about account balances, transfer funds, view images of account items, send and receive secure messages. You will need to set up account IDs, PINs, and Bill Pay accounts in our office when new accounts are opened. Please come by or call us for more information.

General Information

Whom can I pay through Online Bill Payment?
You can pay ANYONE in the United States fron the next door neighbor, the utility company, the bank, and even a child in college across the country.
How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?
You may add, edit, or delete payments scheduled Sunday through Friday until 10:00 PM CST the day before the scheduled payment date.
What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or holiday?
Scheduled payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on Friday evening. Any new payments that are scheduled over that particular weekend will be processed on Sunday night. Holiday processing occurs the day following the holiday.
Are there any merchants that I cannot pay through the bill payment service?
Yes. You cannot pay any government agency.
Can I use Online Bill Payment if I live outside the United States?
Yes, as long as you have a bank account in the United States.
Can I get a copy of a cancelled check?
You can request a copy through Customer Service. There may be a fee associated with this service.
How long is history retained in the VIEW PAYMENT HISTORY section?
Payment history records are kept for one year.
What happens if I lose my ID or PIN?
If you lose or forget your ID, you may call Customer Service and with proper identification your ID will be given to you. If you lose or forget your PIN, you must follow the same procedure and your PIN will be reset.

Payee Information

Payee, a definition
A payee is anyone to whom you would pay a bill or send a check. The most common payees include utility companies, your landlord, mortgage company, department stores, and credit card companies. Payees also can include individuals such as the person who mows the lawn, the local grocery store, and your favorite charitable organization.
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